1. Verify Business Owner has a "qualifying business" and is personally qualified to apply for the

Executive Visa

2. Sign the Banyan Partners Contract 

3. Wire Legal Fees to start the process

4. Create new Joint Venture LLC Holding company

5. Immigration Attorney Kickoff Meeting to discuss the process and any questions

6. Documentation gathering

7. Investment to be paid within 10 days of the start of the process

8. New owners select location and sign a lease for new buisness

9. Start building process and select a Grand Opening Date

10. Hire Management Team

11. Send Immigration package to the USCIS. (15 day response for premium processing)

12. Executive Visa is awarded and is good for owner and family

13. Grand Opening business

14. After 1 year in business, apply for permanent Green Card

15. Green Card decision could take up to 18 months from the USCIS